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There is no better way to experience and understand these incredible wilderness areas, and the culture of those that live here, than to immerse yourself in them - walking, cycling, horse riding, kayaking; or diving, kitesurfing, snorkelling.  Whether you’d like to make it the primary focus of your travels, or just a small interlude in your trip, we love to encourage you to connect with nature in all its raw beauty.  Opportunities are endless and we are always putting new things together so if there is something you’d like to do, just ask.  Meanwhile, some ideas to spark your imagination…..

Walking Expeditions & Safaris

Walking has long been a pastime that helps clear the mind and enriches the soul. Why not do both whilst also exploring the vast expanses of Eastern Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas.  With rolling hills, river frontage, rocky escarpments and beautiful open plains, the walking is quite exceptional. With experienced local guides who have an intimate knowledge of the area, you can learn all there is to know about this beautiful landscape, view game on foot - a completely unique experience to being in a vehicle - or simply clear your mind and lose yourself in your surroundings.  Enhance your traditional safari, or include a multi-day trek in your itinerary. See our sample itineraries for some treks that we highly recommend.

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Walking with Camels

Escape the constraints of a vehicle and lose yourself in the wild. Walking with camels is the ideal means of travelling through Northern Kenya, where the camel train is the only traffic for miles. Accompanied by expert Laikipia Masai guides and characterful riding and pack camels, you move through changing habitats - from montane forests to broad sand rivers - camping each night at a different location. Walking with (or riding) camels allows you to experience wildlife and the wilderness up close, whilst your guides regale you with their unmatched knowledge about the environment that they grew up in. Every day is a totally unique and special experience.

Mountain Climbs & Treks

Scale the tallest freestanding mountains in Africa to conquer technical peaks like Mt Kenya’s Nelian or Batian. Challenge yourself with a trek to Pt Lenana - Mt Kenya, Satima - Aberdardes, Margarita Peak - Rwenzoris, Uhuru Peak - Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru. Or simply explore the ancient rosewood forests and alpine habitats, the stunning mountain lakes of the Eastern Africa mountain ranges and enjoy the magnificent vistas, the  flora and fauna  - on foot, bicycle or horseback. Nothing brings the feeling of solitude and peace than being in the presence of a mountain - and takes you further from the rolling savannah plains of Africa. See our sample itineraries for some Mountain treks that we highly recommend.


Cycling in the Wild

Imagine the exhilaration of cycling through the Wildebeest Migration, across endless plains, along mountain passes. We offer a range of unique cycling locations in both Kenya and Tanzania that give you the chance to experience incredible wildlife and breath-taking scenery from the saddle. With so much space to play with, there are cycling options for any level - whether you prefer a gentle speed that allows you to take in everything along your route, or the challenge of the trails of Mt Kenya – or both! Or for those who want to enjoy the experience but without working quite so hard, there is the option of e-bikes! End each day camping under the African sky, spending your evenings around campfires, recounting the adventures of the day.

Kayaking in Kakamega

Time has stood still for the Kakamega forest, a remnant of the rain forest that once stretched across Central Africa. This forest is home to an abundance of wildlife and some of the wildest rivers in Kenya. Take to the water to tackle exciting rapids under Colobus monkeys swinging through the trees and giant palms that make you feel like you are in the Jurassic era. Enjoy the wild rapids and calm lulls that the Yala River has to offer, whilst experiencing a unique viewing opportunity of the fantastic birdlife and other wildlife characteristic of this ancient landscape.

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Safaris on Horseback

Exploring Kenyan and Tanzanian wildlife areas, on horseback, offers a freedom that is unmatched by safari vehicles. Riding amongst herds of game as if you belong, the bond one forms with your safari companion is second to none. With the options of leisurely daily hacks as part of a lodge stay, or longer safaris with starry-sky camp outs. The safari horses are well-schooled by excellent and dedicated trainers, ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable at all times. For those craving a bit more of an adrenaline rush, there are options that require more advanced riding levels that will see you galloping across the plains alongside the animals you came to see.

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